There was (is?) a Cosworth ZX2 !!!!!

John Clor of Ford Performance told me today that he worked on the Cosworth ZX2 project, two cars were produced, one red, one white. According to John the red one beat the Roush Supercharged V8 Mustang in the 1/4 mile with a better time than the Roush Fusion ZX2!
Also according to John, the red car was crushed by Ford, the location and condition of the white one is unknown. I have John’s business card and will try to get him to give the ZX2 community more information about this project.

John Clor before working for Ford was a reporter for Motorweek.

This is pretty cool, any information would be awesome!

There was a red Ford SVT ZX2 in testing at one point. JohnP, who was a former ford engineer, knew someone who worked on the car. There’s a picture out there somewhere. I also talked to an SVT engineer (he showed me his SVT badge and credentials) once who personally worked on it. He told me that with minor engine work it was beating the Mustang GTs, and he wouldn’t be surprised if Ford killed it for that reason. It never saw the light of day, so I assume that to be true.

I’ve never heard of a Cosworth powered ZX2, though. Cool stuff. Think it’s too late for them to release it? :smiley:

Is there away to get a hold of these guys before they pass away to gain some of their knowledge?