the rice of the rice...

Ok now check this out, I went to my buddies shop today… he warned me not to go up there because I was going to be sick to my stomach. As usual I didn’t listen… But I did bring it hope to share with all of you lovely people.

This clip is rated R for adult language.

[url=] ... evy001.flv[/url]

omg, kill it. Apologize to you buddy, set C4 charges around the shop, because it might have already spread its disease, get to safe distance, and blow it. Do it. Now, you must KILL IT BEFORE IT BREEDS!!!

Hmm…A V-Tech Chevy. Don’t see those everyday.

You can’t rip on the ATX, I have beaten plenty of MTXs.

But somehow I doubt that THIS machine has been SCT’d.

…language wasn’t bad… It should be rated “R” for “rice” lol Chevy’s aren’t the only domestics with VTECs…see!

This has some rice, I mean rust all over it. lol

  • Darron

Let us bow our head in prayer,

Oh mitty Car God this is your humble Avitar again. I beg you to forgive this ricer, for he knows not what he does. In his mind he beleives that the Demans of RICE are his allies, and he needs your clensing. In all GREAT THINGS fuil injected… Amen…

I like the cut out for the muffler, but that wasn’t good enough. :?

Your not beating this MTX , I’ll even leave the a/c on when I race you Mirror . That was the worst cavalier I’ve seen in a long time. What is he thinking ?

:-o Sorry to revive a thread but I've never seen anything that funny in a while. And I've seen the Honda with the Japanese spell on the fuel lid.