The potato science project

Its an odd one I tell ya…

So i guess she either forgot or she has never stored potatoes before and stuck them in the cupboard without a bag. She didn’t even tell me she bought them. She apparently started her own science project without telling me, HAHA! Accidentally, of course…

Well… I never use this particular cupboard because as you can see all it has is the potatoes and a wok that i haven’t used to cook with for a very long time.

I opened it up because i wanted to make myself some food with my wok for the first time in about 5 months and low and behold the magic forest of spuds is looking me square in the eye reaching for the sky saying “LET US OUT!”

The conversation went something like this

me “Honey have you seen my wok? i’ve looked everywhere”
wife “Its in that cupboard on the bottom by the stove.”
me “Ok.”
open cupboard
me “WHAT THE F**K? theres a forest in here! What are those, are those potatoes? OH MY GOD!”
wife “Oh wow… weird… they look like they want out.”
me “Honey… how long have those potatoes been in there?”
wife “I think a couple weeks, since last time we went to costco.”
me “Honey we went to costco over a month ago…”
wife "Oh. Oops.
me “You’re supposed to store them in a bag with holes or somewhere dry and a cool temperature. Storing them next to the stove looks like it may have been bad…”
wife “Wow, those things are really tall.”
me “Yeah they are. Its like a spud forest in there…”
wife “I would say spud forest is a good term.”


Anyways throw those babies in a hole you will have some nice potato plants in a couple months :stuck_out_tongue: