The Moment you Have all Been Waiting for!

[url=] ... vving2.wmv[/url]


[url=] ... climb2.wmv[/url]

There is one more video but i am having trouble making the size right for it.

About time, how long has it been, :?: , 3 months? That sounds nice. I hate when you can hear the popping when the rpm drops, but there really isnt a way around it.

In the “Hill climb” one, I think your tires are almost as loud as your exhaust.

Yay!! Finally!! I posted on the other thread before I looked at this one but it’s nice to see it up now. Sounds good!!


S/R’s right… But it sounds good dude! :slight_smile:

  • Darron

yeah thats probably because my tires up front are damn near bald again…

I really gotta learn to rotate my tires…

or stop spinning ur tires at every intersection, taking 30mph turns in 2nd gear flooring it 1/2 way around the corner THAT kinda stuff.

lol… I dont do that… 10% of the time

pretty good.