The Ducati 1098 will be mine for a day!

So as some of you know, i have a site dedicated to local riders and our motorcycle community. As of this week we started supporting local dealerships and performance shops right?

I get an email from the local Ducati dealership. They want me to take their demo bikes out for a spin for a day (whichever one they choose) and write a non-biassed and full review on the bike.

At the bottom of the email i received was this…

We will have a 1098 demo as soon as they arrive in the US, it would be fun to be among the first to see how 160 hp feels...
:) The rest is about them wanting me to take that out for a review.

375lbs, 160hp… soon as it hits the US its mine for a day :slight_smile: ALL MINE.

I FREAKED OUT when they sent me this email! I have never in my LIFE been offered something so amazing! I’ve ridden the Ducati 999 and that was one hell of a ride I will never forget, but imagine a lighter more POWERFUL version of the 999 on steroids, crack and even more crack and there’s the 1098…

The 999 does 180mph STOCK. So imagine what a lighter more powerful version is capable of, I’d imagine easily over 200mph. Not that I’d ever go that fast, that’d be absolutely insane. However, the power matched of a Lamborghini, and it’ll be mine for a day :slight_smile:

I AM STOKED! It comes in february!

grrr… im jealous!


Congrats Derek! Im glad to see things are looking up for you!

Woa, teh bike supreme. :smiley: