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Ok, I goofed. Part of my trust of everyone here is being ok when I showcase my mistakes so others can learn. I have this double sided ratchet, one with a 1/4 inch drive and the other side with a 1/8. As I’m doing some work on my injectors, I use the 1/4 side drive for a few nuts as I work my way down the engine, then flip over to the 1/8 to take the bolts off the fuel rail… and forget to switch the the ratchet over. The result is after one turn I strip the top off of the bolt and after reassembling the whole car I find that the small leak I had before (due to forgetting to put spacers on the injectors to push the 0-ring down) is now worse because I can’t secure the fuel rail. My dad is gonna pull the intake manifold off the 02 ZX2 I have tomorrow, but I wanted to check, how hard is that? Any advice?

I dont think it will be that bad. just a few more bolts and maybe a few wires to disconnect. btw… been there done that. I busted a bolt head off of my rear swaybar center mount, drivers side. busted the head right off to below the level of the threads. ended up having to drill and re-tap which took me a whole 3 days to get the car back together just for a RSB.

Good to know. We should start a brotherhood of broken bolts.

Not to ward off any sisters by calling it that though. :smiley:

shit like that happens from time to time…it shouldnt be too hard getting the intake mani off…

My dad just called, he said it was very hard getting the manifold off. Did he go about it the hard way?

i wouldnt know…i have never tried to take the manifold off the engine with it in the car…i just thought it wouldnt be too hard.

I would imagine it would have been a pain if it was in the car… No room, crap all in the way…yeah… I torqued the head off a bolt too. It’s one along the fender under the hood. I was tucking wires for the “snake eyes” under that li’l lip and popped it right off when putting it back on. I didn’t bother doing anything with it.

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Only thing that has striped on my car was one of the screws on the back drums. Luckly it is short and only took 15mins to drill out. After that I never put the screws back in. I mean it’s not like the rim isn’t holding the drums on anyways. Stupid Ford.

BTW, weight reduction of screws 3 ounces. lol!

Thats the spirit! Any lost weight is good riddance, or so I’ll clam after I’ve beaten that Ford GT Twin Turbo. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, the job went rather smoothly. I should have videotaped it, because its a applicable to when you want to port the manifold. Dad and I have a few new cuts on our hands, but no major issues. Dumb me, I forgot to leave the knock sensor unplugged thou.