The baby's new bedroom

They say that we want to give our children all that we wanted when we were children. We’ll i guess its true.

The car dude, show em the car you set up for the tyke.

Nice room Mike! I agree show em the car!

Ok by popular demand here’s the Baby’s car.

of course we had to do some customizing

wow those guages look famuliar

Red sox ftw lol like the car

Mini pushrod power indeed. :smiley:

Melinda and Delilah aprove. :smiley:

Its electric powered a 12v battery.

Now you need one Ray. Delilah would love to race!!!

LOL! Though I don’t know if D would fit, she’s 8. But she’d try to fit!

Ford Racing Fans Only… with a Chevy C5R? :smiley:

Ray i fit in the car. Who do you think drives it. He’s just a little short and cant reach the pedals yet. The nieghbors doughter drives it also and she’s 11.

The mustang only went 5mph and had no radio. The Vette goes 9mph and has a radio that’s been upgraded also. I replaced the speaker with a Rockford 5" mid that I had. This winter Its getting a Full underbody neon package and a LCD screen in the tail.

Well then, its on! I’ll start D’s training. :smiley:

nice…though you really need to ditch all the evil empire stuff…