Thanks guys!

Just wanted to thank everyone so far for helping out around here and jsut everyone in general. THANKS!


We should thank you 4 creating this forum.

This little family we have here is one of the best group of help out with problems with the car
or any other matters we have

I know my car wouldn’t be the “beast” it is today without the help I’ve gained from this forum. Thanks to all who put in effort to make it run smoothly (mostly Chris, so big time thanks to you) and to all the hardcore gearheads that take the time to help computer geeks like me tweak their car. :slight_smile:

  • Darron

No problem man. Anything to help out.

Still working on the Part, Pricing and Location thread. I had to go back to it to make it more readable for comparisons. Check it out! Mind you I haven’t finished.

Thank You Chris for being such a great webmaster!

Chris, will you marry me?

Well I can’t top Pip’s post, but anyway thanks. Without this forum I whould have made some SERIOUS mistakes in spending cash on upgrades that might not have been what I wanted.

Thanks to you chris for creating a space that we can discuss our ideas without fighting about them.

Thank you Chris, for a website that welcomes a small, close knit group of mostly intelligent individuals.

You guys… are awesome.

And you all have really cool cars. 8)

Thanks Chris for creating such a great web site:) Without you we would not have this awesome zx2 family that we have:) God Bless you all:)


Chris, Thank you 2 for accept a Z guy from the other side of the border line…