Taking a trip....

Just wondering if you guys could give some advice. I’m going to be taking a trip to London and not traveling much dont know much about traveling. Ive looked at pages like expedia and travelocity. Just wondering if you guys knew of any other places to check or other ways to go about arranging this trip. I’m applying for passport tomorrow wont be leaving until august 1 and itll be a 7 day thing. Thanks.

You could always try a travel agent. Sometimes they have pretty good packages plus you have the benefit of talking to someone who has set up tons of these trips. I got my passport last year with the intention of going to Europe for a couple weeks but it never worked out lol. Good luck on the trip and setting it up :wink:

maybe talk to some of the european members?

Beodude, or pip. They maybe able to give you advice on travel.

Agreed, talk to at least 2 travel agents. Just like a doctor, always get a second opinion.

I traveled to Australia and New Zealand back in 2000. Awesome trip, but make sure you carry your money in wallet around your next and under your shirt. It’s one think to lose your wallet at home, another to do it in another country. Keep your money and passport on you at all times. Get a travel agent to hook you up with someone on the other side so when you are in the country you can call on them like a big brother if you have questions or need help. Lastly, in Europe, buy a train pass for the time you are there. Everything is accessible by train in Europe. My buddy Carlos who lives in Germany and at a University in England told me to buy a ticket when I come.