T3h Stealth is Finished!!!oneone11!! (SORRY 56K)

Well, I enjoy the stealthy look on bikes, despite the fact that people don’t see you as well. Now along with my Ninja which is black and kawi green I finally got my helmet finished.

It had a double pane fugly seethrough lense. Today I went out and bought a $30 tinted lense for it to give it the ultimate tint and be able to see MUCH better in the day (though these lenses are illegal at night).

So just for fun…




And now to see it in full action…

First we have the kawasaki ninja himself, angry, bitter and ready to kill some n00bs. Note the scared looking cat in the corner.


The ninja KICKS, the n00b is DEAD, it’s over.


He bows to the kawasaki ninja sensei, the battle has been won.



aha… but the ninja can be defeated using the Katana!!!

it just needs a little TLC first…

What a goofball… :roll:

  • Darron

ROFL :lol:




Ha, I like the last pose.

Ninja’s don’t need shoes. They whoop your ass with just socks on.

Wow… no comment.

You know it!

Once, this kid i knew got uppercut by a ninja, just for opening a window!!

LOL that reminds me of that site, realultimatepower.com i think? “Ninjas totally flip out and kill people!”.

I got called the black ranger no teamzx2.com hahahaha that one gave me a good laugh. “Black ranger, morphanize” hahaha :lol: