Sway Bar?

Hi, I am the new guy around here. I have had my car about a year and I want to do the rear disc brake mod and the larger sway bar mod. I have all the info for the brake mod but not the sway bar mod. Does anyone have any info on what sway bar I can take off of an older Escort GT? If anyone has that info it would be helpful.
Thanx, KnightStalker

If you do the rear disc mod, it will come with a 21mm rear sway bar. So you are set as long as you took the full rear suspension.

Rear Disc Swap

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I want to get a bigger sway bar for the front. I have been told that one off of a 96-97 Escort GT will work. But I am not sure of the years. I was going to get the rear disc brakes from the 96-97 Escort GT.

You get a larger front sway bar and it will be counter productive to the rear sway bar. Believe me, the front sway bar is fine. If you want better turning and perfromance, get some new springs and shocks.

you could just get the Energy Suspension master kit it comees with all the same bushings as the zx2 s/r set up