sup guys

sup guys? its good old miscad from all the other zx2 sites. . how you all doing?


Just kidding, WELCOME!

been here for quite some time … just dont post much . . for i am a troll … well least of here… lol but not any more!

I like the side view of your ZX2 what kind of body kit is that?

It’s the Erebuni kit molded in on the sides and rear. Thank you by the way.

Never even heard of that kit before, saw your pictures just now in the other thread, that is a good looking kit, your is very flush with the bodylines you got it very well done, looks great! I can’t say the same for the invader kit, seen a few of those where it’s off a bit on the bodylines due to the molding of the kit though a few people have got them well installed.

I’m super picky about body lines and what not, makes me mad that ford did a bad job on the doors on the zx2 in the first place because the doors are NOT flush on ANY zx2 that i’ve seen and stick out just a bit enough to make me mad.

But I’ve NEVER seen that kit before! I LIKE IT! Where do you get them? By the way the blue neons compliment the paint job and everything, not mixed colors or riced, very nice, very clean, very well done, nice!

What’s up? Like the body kit. Good to know there are more than 3 kits out there for the car.

yeah no kidding, i’ve been looking all over for a nice body kit that looks nice but isn’t wacky and wild… something refined and smooth, like his. i like it.

Thanks for all the compliments guys. There is quite a few kits out there for a cars. They are just on random site to find them. There is about 5 or 6 I think.

And yeah doing the body work was super fun, can’t wait to find something else to do to it body wize, or least get another car and do some more body work.

I’m still contemplating whether or not i want to keep my ZX2 after it’s paid off or get something different.

I want MORE power. But then again, the thing has treated me just so well I have no comlpaints! I mean I’ve never had a car that has been so problem FREE. Yet I want a subaru so badly because of the allwheel drive (winters here suck sometimes) and I do autocross. Yet my whole life I’ve owned SMALL cars and I hate the way big cars (subies are heavy) handle.

Me and my Fiance are saving up together to get a 3rd gen RX7 eventually so I guess there would be no need to get rid of the ZX2 if it were to be my daily and the RX7 would be my fun car. I sort of miss rearwheel drive but i’m afraid to death of driving in snow in rearwheel drive so the ZX2 is a great car for autocross, handles like a dream and has been such a great car.

So the decision is VERY hard. Most likely I’m learning towards NOT selling it because I really don’t want to finance anymore toys, I’m sick of financing out my ears for now. Just going to pay off the ZX2, pay off the Ninja and call it good for now.

misca was up
whats going on in riders can u still post pics there
the z will be done by mon or tues w/ the axiom facia

Hi Misca!! :smiley: I agree with the others your car looks sweet!! I love the body kit.


welcome to the site!

car looks good!

I agree with you on that Koi. I am done financing stuff. . lol . . pay for it out right if you can, if not, it’s not worth it. :slight_smile:

Yeah me and katie are going to be saving up in cash for our FD. I’m not financing another $15k. I’m just gonna pay it off, save a few years and buy it outright so I don’t have to fully insure the little monster.

Welcome Miscad

Hey there you are you old timer! Thought you could sneak away from me huh Pololous? :stuck_out_tongue: