stupid boy = broken cd player

alright guys…

you all know my money situation is low. as usual. so anyone got a conversion kit for the stock radio thing in the z?? i’ll buy it… just dont have alot of money considering i need to buy a cd player also… I’d rather install an aftermarket because i’d like to be able to switch CD’s when i want but for now if anyone has the 6 disc that came in the Z that they have replaced with an aftermarket and would like to get rid fo it please contact me! i will check the board daily or you can e-mail me at thanks guys!

So you are looking for:

Aftermarket Radio conversion
CD player/Radio
Stock (Premium Sound) 6 disc changer

Is that correct?

I’ve got the stock changer, stock stereo (I know you didn’t ask for it) and an aftermarket stereo unit. I don’t have the adapter, but yeah. The only reason I have an aftermarket head unit is 'cause the display is finicky. It plays just fine and as long as you don’t open it to change a CD the display works just fine. Remote controls work great as well. I understand it’s just a matter of reconnecting some wires or something. But basically as long as you just start the car and don’t want to change a CD you’ll never know. And if you do change a CD you just need to close the face then turn off/on the car and you’re in business. It’s a Sony X-plod unit. I think I paid like $250 for it when I got it three years ago and it’s been out of my car for about a year and a half. I don’t remember if the wiring harness is still on it or not. I might have left it in the car to plug in the updated version of the same model.

I also have the factory CD changer as I said that’s been out of my car about three years. Worked fine when I pulled it out, which was when I installed the aftermarket.

If you’re interested in either or both let me know.

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too long for me to read darron. I would really prefer the aftermarket radio conversion.

damn A.D.D. Kids… you try to help them and they dont pay attention. :smiley:

I know. I asked a very direct question, but no answer. Foo writes a long paragraph and instantly gets a response.

To sum up. I have the factory 6-disc and I also have an aftermarket head unit that’s really nice that I’d sell for pretty cheap. So with that and the real cost of the adapter you’d probably come out ahead of a new unit. Depending on what one you’re looking at getting at least. And the display works so long as you don’t open it to change CD’s, and all you have to do to bring it back is close it then restart the car. A simple wire tightening is all that’s needed to fix this, but I didn’t want to take it apart.

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ok all i need is like the new face… i dont need an actual cd player… so if anyone has one i will gladly buy it… name a price… however i can get them on ebay new for 35 so be reasonable… i need one asap

Just get the one from Ebay. If no one has said anything by now, just order it from Ebay.




Hell, if it’s $35 on e-bay why not just order one from Crutchfield and know that you’re not gonna get the wrong one. Plus if anything happens you’ll have a much easier time getting it corrected.

I just looked at both e-bay and crutchfield and the e-bay was $45 plus $12 shipping. The one from Crutchfield was $50 with $7 shipping. So it’s the same $57 cost overall and I’d rather deal with a huge company that has great customer service than some random douchebag from e-bay. Granted I didn’t do a very extensive search, but still.

By the way, you never really said what happened. Why does “stupid boy = broken CD player?”

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yeah if someone you know broke it, why should you spend the money to get a new one. Make them pay for it.

a Cd got jammed… thats never happened before… when the “boy” was pulling the magazine out of the 5 disc changer the CD shattered messing up the whole damn thing. why is it that there are a select few of you who seem to just be rude about everything i say. man all i did was try to save a little money. thats it. sorry if that seemed stupid

im sorry if you thought I was being rude with the ADD comment. If it makes you feel better I poke fun at my sister even worse. Its all meant in fun.

if you thought the one sentence comment about having your friend replace it was rude, it wasn’t. Thats reality, someone breaks something of mine they are sure as hell going to pay for it. I work hard for the stuff that I have as I am sure that you do.

Trying to fix a something broken is never stupid.

so it sounds like you just need to replace the 5 disk changer? or is the changer part of the head unit?

I can assure you dude, Ironmark and the others comments are the usual banter that goes on. They, and we mean nothing by it.

its 6 and it was in my trunk. but i’d rather just get a new face thingy for my radio so i can install an aftermarket

I’ve got the whole changer works great out of my car if you want that. I’ll sell it to you for like $25+shipping.

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i would rather have the face thing so that i can change CD"s as i want… and not have a certain selection in my trunk

I know exactly how you feel. That’s why I’m not using it either. I would recommend just buying it off Crutchfield rather than e-bay though.

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