Strange answers

I figured as I was on break, lunch and what not today i’d compose a list of silly things people have said back to me that they realized were really stupid and then corrected themselves (or didn’t). Some of these are geeky computer stuff but i know there’s a few people here that do computer stuff so i added those.

Feel free to add to the list.

me - ok so whats the mac address of that router?
it “professional” - 0000.0000.0000 pretend its a full number
me - ok is that the wan mac?
it “professional” - uhhhh
me - Ok, the lan mac, wan mac or usb mac, which one is it?
it “professional” - um, its… the firewall?

friend - “hey got a minute?”
me - “do you have a second?”
friend - “uh, i just asked you that.”
me - “no, you asked me if i had a minute, i asked you if you have a second”
friend - “uh sure.”
me - “sixty of them?”
friend - “minutes? no”
me - “Lets get this straight. You asked me if i have a minute, i replied with do you have a second? You asked if you had sixty minutes but i meant sixty seconds. So do you?”
friend - “Thats an hour.”
me - “incorrect. Sixty seconds is one minute, 60 minutes is an hour.”
friend - “Right.”
me - “Well, i did, but you spent my minute asking if i asked you if you had an hour, so i’m all out of time. Minutes up!”
friend - “But… umm…”

friend calling me on the phone
me - Yeah this is Derek.
friend - Is this Derek?
me - nope.
friend - I thought you said it was?
me - Why’d you ask, you saved your number in my cell phone, digital phonebooks don’t missdial.
friend - oh yeah…

customer - i can’t get on the internet
me - ok do you get an error message?
customer - yeah i dont’ know what it means though.
me - so you can’t browse?
customer - exactly. and it says here on microsoft’s support page that it could be related to corrupt files or norton internet security issues, i just typed in the error number.
me - wait a minute, i thought you couldn’t browse?
customer - oh yeah… hmm, nevermind it’s working now apparently.

friend calls
friend - Hey Derek
me - yep.
friend - you have any suggestions? i keep kicking my modem into standy mode when i play games.
me - have you tried putting the modem on your desk and not the floor?
friend - good point.
me - yep.

co-worker calls me
co-worker - DUDE, you know what i hate?
me - nope.
co-worker - people who call up and complain about stupid things.
me - like people who call to complain about people who complain?
co-worker - exactly!
me - yeah.
co-worker - oh… i see what you mean. hah! sorry.
me - its cool.
co-worker - so you wanna play WoW?
me - yep.


another great random post by derek.

as my memory kicks in i will post more as i remember them. :slight_smile:

Derek that second one is by far the funniest thing I have heard in a while. I have a guy at work like your #6. He always walks up and ask ( in sequence mind you) “Do you have a minute?” your answer is irelevent. “Do you know what I hate…” So tomorrow I am going to try your #2 on him in front of everybody… that out to be great. :smiley:

:-D :-D :-D