stock fogs on a non fog zx2

Hey, i got some stock fogs along w/ the brackets. i have the connetors for the bulbs. now hwat i was gona do, was wire the grounds to the chassis, then run a power wire to the inside and wire them to a switch. the problem enlies in, i could a. run a wire to the battery for the power feed, but that owuld be dumb. or i could wire it to the fuse box(dont know how), or tap into a turnon lead from something else.

how do i tap it into the fuse box? and do i need a relay? or could i be fine wireing them w/ ain inline fuse. and what size fuse should i use

You could do what I did when I installed stock fogs in my 03. Wire them into the running lights and wire in a cut off switch inside.

When I turn on my running lights the fogs automaticly come on. If I dont want fogs when my headlights are on I turn the fogs off.

I could have sworn that someone installed them and already had some of the wiring stuff there. I would think there’d at least be a fuse/relay whatever for it somewhere factory. But you’d need your own switch or to install a fog equipped stalk for factory look.

  • Darron

what do you mean by driving lights?

and yeah i just dont know how to tap into the stock stuff :frowning: and i really want these on for tomorrow night

I believe he meant the parking lights when he said running lights.

  • Darron