Still alive?

Is anyone still around? I have like 10 people visit the site a day and no one posts.

i still pop in from time to time to see what’s up. I don’t have the z anymore but i still check in.

It’s summer.

Sorry, I’m stil mid project before I can post.
And just beginnning my MTX swap. Still gathering peices.

Still here! been busy with work, crazy hours that would never be heard of any where, and in the middle of searching for a new job to stop the crazy hours!

Me too. I got the tranny, LSD, spec 3, lightweight flywheel and a bunch of assorted parts.

I’m still here. I only post at work, so I don’t post a whole lot. That’s one problem with small forums though. Since people don’t post a whole lot, there isn’t really a reason to post replies.

Spent a while in Afganistan. I’m back now, for a while.

Glad you made it back!

Your still breathing, then you did good work. Glad to have you home.

I just bought a house and have been moving. I also have been working on my Z, but it wont be up and running till next summer.

Thanks! Nice to be home. I managed to gather the nerve to put my car in a show shortly after I got back, and had some fun. It won “Best Engine”, and 2nd place for “Domestic Sport Compact”. Surprised the hell out of me! Summer’s looking good, so far. Heading back overseas in the fall, unless things change. Good thing is I have internet over there, too! (And, hopefully some time to use it!)

Nice to see you guys are still alive :smiley:

I’m working on getting my post count back up. Now that I’m being well paid, thus provided for, lol

We’re still alive…just been busy and haven’t had time to visit for a while.

  • Darron

Still alive…

Just been busy trying to get the hell out of England. I miss my Z.

When are you leaving Pip? Jen and I just got an assignment to Barksdale… We should be outta this piece in October.

I’ll be off this Godforesaken rock on Nov. 29th, 2008… my date of separation.

Heard that you and Jen were expecting… CONGRATULATIONS!!! I saw her car at the BX the weekend before last and looked for her, but never saw her.

Glad you guys are all still alive!!! :smiley:

yep still alive…sorry I’ve been so quiet, but really haven’t had any news for a while…spent the summer down in GA for BNCOC and spent my off time fishing…now I’m just getting settled back in here and trying to get back to work on the Z…

I check in Id like to see this site grow. I think im gonna try posting more certain other sites I frequent have too much drama and im getting tired of going there.

Hey, some of you guys are still around! I wanted to see if my account was still active. I kinda miss the old days!