Ok, not looking for “Type-R” or anything stupid like that but the car IS an autocross car and I like to show off what I have on the suspension and under the hood.

Does anyone know where I can find a KYB Vinyl? Suspension Techniques? etc…

I have energy suspension, K&N, etc…
I emailed KYB and they never responded :frowning:

check around at any kind of body shop or custom car shop around you. I kno there are a few around where i live, and almost every place has a huge book filled with different companies vinyl from alpine to jegs you name it most of these places have it.

phatdecals is over here i’ll check with them.

i put all the stickers i got under the hood…well i did on my old hood, not on the c/f one. i had Taylor wires, Sprint Springs, Brembo, Corksport, Speedhut, and Nitto.