squeaking/ squealing

Thanks for this site. We recently purchased a 2001 zx2 with automatic tranny for our daughter. It was a local trade at the Ford dealer that had been very well maintained. It has 91k miles. Great information on here helped us with the rough idle. (PCV and air filter).

I am looking for information now on how to locate the source of a squeaking/ squealing sound. It does not do it all the time. (We also had idler pully and serp belt changed). The sound does not seem to happen when you are driving. It is when it is idling or coming to a stop and even then it does not do it all the time. Car runs really well but noise can be embarrassing for teenager’s first car. Any ideas? Thanks for any help.

I would check all the pulleys again and see whats happening? Hopefully not like the a/c compressor pulley is frozen or starting to become frozen

my daughters car would squeak whenever you put it in drive or reverse from a standstill - i traced it down to a bad front lower torque mount.

if it’s something that seems constant at idle, i’d check the serpentine idler and tensioner pulleys to see if they are worn/bad. rev the motor and watch the belts, if you see you have the serp belt sliding forward and backward on the smooth sided pulleys, you may have found the problem in that its a worn tensioner or idler pulley, or even the water pump.

Engine mountings have always been a bit of a sore spot with the zx2. There is a Ford TSB that has to do with “realigning” the engine in it’s mountings along with suggested replacement mounts. Be aware that the intermittent noise can also be coming from one of the timing belt idler pulleys, especially the lower front, very common on this engine with near 100k miles. Also have the crank pulley inspected closely for “walking” of the outer harmonic ring, when the rubber gets old it can cause problems. Water pump bearings can get a little slack as well and cause some belt walk. Another often overlooked problem is fluids getting on the belt, such as AC system oil from a leaky compressor or antifreeze from a seeping radiator tank.