I have had done some stuff to my zx2 like intake, under drive pulley, and headers. thanks for the tip on that. I have just got my first speeding ticket 73/60. Anyone have any ideas on how to keep the insurance down.

don’t get caught :wink:

Not speeding is the number one, actually. :lol:

I cannot give you legal advice. However, I can recommend the following if you plan on fighting it in court:

  • Dress nicely (this comes as respecting the court, common courtesy, etiquette)
  • Wait your turn to speak (do not interrupt the judge, or anyone else, speak when spoken to)
  • Present your case clearly, don’t lie (they know, at least assume they do), use facts and logical thought to present your case.
  • Don’t make jokes or try and sweet talk the judge. That doesn’t work.

I’ve been in court when I was younger and not long ago for a red light ticket I was fortunate to be let go on. If your insurance has driver incentive programs, take them. And slow down. If you have a led foot, take it to autocross or a track day. If your ticket is $200 and a weekend at autocross is $20. Greater odds are you’ll have more fun kicking some little ricer’s butt at autocross 10 times a season for the price of a ticket, than once on the street doing something that will cost you hundreds in insurance as well :wink: