Speeding Ticket

Your record is posted as one year because of the paperwork and database. The court keeps record for longer just in case you have a repeat offense, in other words if you’re good for 2 years and no offenses and then you have one they may give you diversion. Insurance companies keep it for 3 because they’re assholes and want to take your money. Sorry to hear about it all :frowning:

I am required to go to court for my ticket tomorrow (Friday). I get to waste a long time just to say “not guilty” then sign a form and wait for a sheduled court date.

  • Darron

in NY your first appearance in court is the only appearance… at least everytime i have gone to court.

Thanks for the info on that stuff KoiHoshi but, I still think that it is all just really retarded. :evil:


Yeah don’t ask me… If I were running this country it wouldn’t be that way, but then again I’m just a ZX2 addict.