Son of a $%#^#%#%$#!

As I was driving home tonight, I turn onto my road and I hear BOOOM! Immediately I think i just blew a tire, then I start to notice that my car is a hell of alot louder then it normally is. Damn thing sounds like my fathers truck now and I lost alot of power…

I think I know what it is, but being that we are covered in about 4 inches of snow I cant check it till tomorrow. I think that I blew apart the flex-pipe, but I wont know anything till I can look at it in the day light…

darn it… why does everything have to happen in the winter!!!

Dude that bites! If that’s what it is…take pics, I wanna see that. lol Hope it’s somethin’ quick ‘n’ easy for ya.

  • Darron

Wow thats the SAME thing that happened to Lmidgitd!
He was in the snow and had to weld it back together.

How many miles on your car? He said it looks like his bracket was rusted when it happened.

45,000… but its the trubendz part of the exhaust that I think is leaking…

Im not saying that the trubendz sucks, I have just been hitting alot of bumps lately for some reason. I think I may have punctured the flex-pipe. Ill know more when I get it tore apart.

sorry I should probably clarify… my exhaust is a complete SS exhaust system. Cat and Flex-pipe included.

well I have good news and not so good news.

the good news is that it wasnt my SS exhaust. The not so good news is that a spark plug completely blew out of my #4 cylinder and in doing so unplugged the #2 cylinder wire. The spark plug is back in and all the wires are put back on.

The boom I heard last night was the spark plug blowing out of the cylinder. I guess it just worked its way loose. I am glad it wasn’t anything more then that.

I was going to say your not going to lose much power blowing out a piece of exhaust.

it’d be funny if it put a dent in ur hood when it blew out. :smiley:

It would give me an excuse to get my CF hood finally. but no it didnt.

well it happened again today. This time the threads in the head were destroyed. Tomorrow I have to tear apart the head and put a heli-coil kit in it… What a fun time im going to have.