2000 S/R prepped for STS autocross. Custom Koni/GC coilover suspension (550/375), ZXTuner 22mm RSB, 17x7.5 Kosei K1 with 215/40-17 Dunlop Z1…

Welcome aboard. Glad to have you on the site. Nice car btw. See that you live not that far from me.

I love the action shot. That is the offset on those rims? Also, how did you place?

Those wheels are ET35. The car is about a top 30 car at Nationals in class…and with continued development, should be a top 15 car. The Civic Si (89-91) are pretty tough to beat–and my region has several National contenders, including 2007 Champion.

We usually run about 2+ seconds off of him on a typical 60s course.

very cool! i love seeing these cars in action, especially at solo races like autox, very cool! Thank you for sharing and welcome to the forums!

Nice car man. I’d love to do some STS, but unfortunately I’d be placed in the “anything goes” division, where I would get raped.

I would think your car would do fine in straights after its done