So I got my FIRST ticket..

So me and Katie are on our way to visit my parents, I’m in a bit of a hurry for no apparent reason. I hit some passing lanes (mind you I’ve not traveled this way to town in a LONG time) and saw it as a wide open space, none to my knowledge a kind state trooper was hiding behind some bushes.

I get about 9/10 the way to town when I see him behind me and I’m like “oh wow he’s traveling close, weird, cause I’m at the back of this line of people… I passed most of them, so much for passing these slow folks…”

All the sudden his lights go on without a siren and I’m like “WTF that’s weird, no siren? Why would he not turn on his siren if he were pulling someone in the front of the line over… wait a sec…” so I act like I’m pulling to let him pass and realize… it’s me.

“Well, the reason I pulled you over sir is your speed. You seemed to have blown by me on those passing lanes back there.”

“Oh, the one near town?”

“No the ones between town and where you’re headed…”
I already knew what was coming, I was getting up to speed on those lanes…

“Well, umm, I’m sorry, how fast was I going?”

“Were you in a hurry sir? You were doing 89mph in a 55… sir…”

"Yeah but I don’t have a reason to be, I’m so sorry officer… "

“Any reason you were in a hurry?”

“No.” :frowning:

So he passed me a $421 traffic ticket but says that I shouldn’t go that fast even if I was driving and doing it SAFELY? I was going 89mph safely? Can he say that? He also mentioned he RECORDED ME DOING IT! And that when he pulled me over he was STILL recording… So because I know someone is going to say



I give you proof… reluctantly… First… (blurry, sorry, camera phone)

My ZX2 got nailed at 89/55

$421 :frowning: He said it was the “highest speeding bracket we have”

Ticket overall…

Now here’s the interesting twist. As I’m scrambling for my license and registration an envelope full of CASH falls out of the glove box and I pick it up with the first thing I notice is a $100 i’m like “WTF?” and put it away fast so the cop doesn’t think it’s drug money or something stupid crazy like that. So I was wondering the whole time… My fiance Katie wanted to know what was in it, I reply “NO IDEA?” as the cop is writing the ticket at his car I just said “Wait till he’s gone, I don’t want him to give me a ticket for something I didn’t do!” so soon as he drives off and we leave she counts the money that there was $310 in the envelope! THREE QUARTERS OF THE TICKET I JUST GOT! THANK YOU GOD! Turns out, when I used to work at my old job I cashed one of my checks from training (the paycheck stub from the cashed check was from 10/16/2004! holy crap! same day I got pulled over go figure?) and it had sat inside of the glove box the WHOLE TIME! I have NEVER lost count of ANY of my money and it surprised the hell out of me.

Think I’m full of it yet?

What a WEIRD traffic ticket. Katie though it was so odd she wants to vacuum mount it and frame it with museum glass for our place since she does frame design she figured she’d take it upon herself to give it a lovely home so we don’t forget my first ticket, though an expensive and depressing one :frowning:

Yo man thats pretty crazy. Yea, I got my 1st ticket heading home on the highway from some snowboarding. I missed my dang exit so I was driving some more and an exit sign came up (next exit 18mi). I deff didnt want to go 18 min 1 way and then 18 min back to the correct exit. I pulled off to the right side of the highway and waited for an opening and turnt around in one of those turarounds in the center median that police and emergency vehicles use. Im sittin over on the other side of the median waiting for an opening to come so I can merge back onto the highway. An opening, step on it, so I get up to speed and pass another one of those turarounds and theres a dark red crown vic turning around. I drive about 1/2 mile more and it gets up on my ass. I get up to the exit I needed to get off at and it turns out it doesnt have a southbound exit so just after I get across that bridge, woop woop, theres the lights. It was an unmarket State Trooper. It frikkin sucked. $155.25 ticket for turning around in one of those. The one I did it at didnt have a sign so I was like why not.

That is completely insane!! I got my first ticket about a year and a half ago. I was on my way to work and I was on my cell phone talking and not really paying attention to how fast I was going. So I get off my phone just in time to see a state trooper and notice I was going 80mph in a 65. I slowed down but apparently not on time because as soon as I pass him he pulls out and starts riding my ass. As soon as I merge over into the right lane he flips on his lights and signals me to pull over. He clocked me right at 80. I was really polite hoping to get out of it. But no such luck. I got slapped with a $115 ticket. Luckly I had just gotten my tax returns so I was able to pay it off. To this day I think that the guy was gay because he didn’t let me off. LOL


That is crazzy. The first time I got pulled over doing 80 in a 55, reckless driving, passing in a no passing lane, and I did not have my lisince on me at the time. I got away with a ticket for not having my lisince and that does not cost anything or go on your record. :smiley:
I geuss not every one is as lucky as me thought

yea, its cause you got crazzylegs (or at least a 3rd leg, any how what did u do w/ that officer to “get off” like that?) LMAO.

It was my birthday and I told the officer that I did not know how to get home so I was following my friend who was up ahead of me and I was just trying to keep up.

WOW dude!!

What a story to come back to the site for! sorry I was gone a couple of days, had computer issues.

now if that were me, and the infamous lack of luck my family has, that story would have turned out like this…

Cop sees money fall out of glove compartment. Unable to provide an explanation as to why 300$ in cash just happens to fall out of my glove box, the Cop arrests me on suspicion of felony drug charges. Car gets searched and towed to impound, where weeks later some old lady purchases the car at a police auction. Only to end up having problems with the car, takes it to a mechanic and finds out that theres $80,000 of drug money in the gas tank, that could have been mine, but because of some screw up in DMV the car was put up for sale at a dealership somewhere, some years ago that I just happened to be driving by and decided to buy this car that has now landed me and jail and lost me $80,000. All because… I did 90 in a 55…

well… at least I think thats what would have happened if I were in your shoes.

Sweet…that you really only got a $100 ticket since you had $300 extra just lying around. :wink: My first ticket came last year up in WI for the car show. I wanted to take a “lap” in my car (After many “laps” in a kick arse Silverado) with my neons on doing the speed limit just to see if I got pulled over. (They’re illegal up there) So I’m being good and I come to the turn around point and pull my U-turn without stopping completely since there’s a clearing. So I put it into 1st rather than 2nd so I’d get some wheel spin. Little did I know but there was an unmarked cop car with the lights off right at that cross street. So I spin my tires as desired…get stopped at the next light to see a cop-per trying to pull me over…so the light turns green and I start to go as if nothing happened and “WHOOP WHOOP!”

He took me out the car (ask Chris, ZX2MS) and showed me all the things wrong (Neon plate frame rear, washer LEDs, and you can see the reflection of the neon tubes off the sunroof if it’s open which it was). He even tried to accuse me of having an aftermarket windshield. The best part though was when he told me, “The people living around here don’t need to be bothered by you and your noise.” Like my little 2 sec max of chirping is more annoying than your 10 minutes of strobe lights…my @$$!!! Oh well…I’d like to frame it…

  • Darron

Yeah, I never understood that…my neons are considered a distraction. A distraction that could cause an accident. Yet many states have created a law, “move over law,” which simple states that if a cop pulls someone over, you must move one lane away while passing because so many accidents have been caused by law enforcement light bars. :?:

Of course nevermind all the neon, flashing lights you see down the street from businesses. None of those are distractions.