Slight problem, any suggestions what it could be?!

Well to get the low down, when I am doing some highway driving/ driving along country roads around 60mphish, the car will shake a bit when I am between taking off the gas and giving it a little more. I am basically coasting along at a constant speed ec ec.

It started happening last friday, and only has happened 3x times. It feels like I am giving it a bit of gas 2 times fast while coasting.

Could I have gotten some bad gas/ or something in my tank thats now clogged up my fuel filter? I am just trying to narrow down what it could be.
I have not had any problems with the car running normal when I am accelerating or driving normally. Its just something that is concerning. It feels like the car sorta wants to stall for a second.

I have a VCT that is giving me problems, but I doubt that has anything to do with this issue? I get the P1381 check engine light that comes on time to time. To get the VCT itself as a part the Ford Dealership wants $635 cnd… I was like um hell no. So I have not gotten this fixxed.

Anyways, I just want to know if anyone would agree w/ me about changing out the fuel filter/ or maybe putting something into my gas tank to purge it of some bad gas or contaments.

I just hope it isnt anything bad, because I havent had the best luck w/ my car as of late LOL :smiley:

You should try to get the VCT from a boneyard and do the repair yourself. Chances are that a ZX2 in the boneyard would not have had the problem with the VCT going bad. Yours is actually one of the only instances that I have heard of that happening. $635 is ridiculous. I just priced rear EGT emergency brakes lines for $110 per side through the dealership… Advanced Auto has them for $25…

Oh that was my plan for the VCT, I will just goto one of the many junk yards around here and look for a ZX2 :slight_smile:

Else I’m sure I can find the part online or such.

I’m just more trien to figure out what that stutter when cruising is about, I wouldnt think the VCT would cause that. But the VCT is on the list of things to do, also a possible VCT delete can be done at the fraction of the cost too 8)

True… but you might want to address the VCT and eliminate that as a possible source of this other problem…

My old ZX2 used to stall out on me at about 70mph if I put the car in neutral.

Try this for me. Disconnect the battery for 5 minutes and then reconnect it and see if you get the same results. I just want to rule out an computer miscalulation by reseting the computer. It’s free, so give that a try.

i agree try it if nothing else the worst part is reprograming the radio

VCT rarely fails. When it does, it tends to be caused by neglet (not changing your oil like you should) or a factory problem. Some of them had chips stuck in them from machining. It seems your is stuck in the advanced position. This can be caused by a bad camshaft position sensor. But that is not likely the problem. If you do not have emmissions testing in your area, it would be cheaper to remove the VCT and put a cam gear there.