Site looks awesome..

To prove that I’m not crazy, look at this screen shot I took:

yeah, i noticed that too…

I don’t see that… I get a help icon…


Oh man…not even Chris knows. I guess they just put that on there incase someone wants to switch to this forum. That’s cool.

Did you photoshop that picture? When I go there I just see a little help Icon. No Idea whats goin with you.

This is what I get…

the other day when i actually got on the site, i saw the zx2ms icon

I see a ZX2ms icon too.

He isn’t photochopping.

heres mine…

Thats weird that you guys are seeing that. I just looked again and didn’t see anything but a help icon.

I didn’t photo shop it. It really is there when I goto the site. Saw that you used firefox and it didn’t show up for you, but after scrolling down, I see “Zx2ms” on nodnarb85’s too. And he is using Firefox as well.

I have no idea why it apears for some and not others, thought you might have known something was up but I guess not. Weird!

that is a little strange that no one knows whats up with that…it is actually a link to zx2ms…i clicked it and it brought me here.

it shows up on mine too

:shock: :?: :shock: :roll: I GOT IT! ...nevermind...I got nothin'. That's uber weird since no site creator has a clue where it came from. lol
  • Darron

i see it too… i have a screen shot. but how do i put it on here

i get the link also if xeno desent know how it got there and chris doesnt either makes me wonder where it came from? hhhmmm…

theres many of things going on in the any more . . hmmm… is it a sign?

perhaps the PC where is not appearing the new icon needs a coockies update

if your not seeing the icon then you need to refresh the page and clear cookies becuase it is there

lol… ok I can’t take it anymore.

We know its there we’ve been messin with you guys. I put it up to help drive some more traffic to this site. Nothin more, nothin less.