Site looks awesome..

Killer job, man… I love the look.

props for Chris

HOLY SHIT lol Thanks Xeno :wink: Now stop trollin around here and get your shit up :wink: lol

lol. Nice job Chris.

very clean, nice and sharp!

Dan! Where have you been? I’ll be dropping by again to visit you in June if I don’t see you at the meet.

hehe… don’t like the traffic surge? :smiley:

We went back up last night, btw.

so is zx2-riders goin back up??

traffic is fine :wink:

the site looks great man


This site does look nice. I’m impressed. :smiley:

Thanks :wink: I still have alot of work I want to do to it yet. Its getting there though.

yeah the site looks awesome…props.

What exactly is going on between TeamZx2 and Zx2ms? In the TeamZx2 forum they have a Zx2ms button next the the Home button. I also saw Fuel Empire and TeamZx2 on Zx2ms’s index page.

I think it’s cool if the 2 communities are getting a closer relationship, but I’m still curious.

wtf are you talking about?

Theres a ZX2 ms button?


xNEo didn’t even know? Wow!

So Chris…what’s going on between the two sites? Come on, clue us in a little.


Dude what are you talking about?

i can’t even get on teamzx2 anymore