SICK of people eating my food!

I went to a VERY NICE Japanese restaurant last night. Very good sushi, very good dinner and brought the leftovers to work.

A week ago, someone ate some of my food, i was PISSED, and when i confronted our customer care reps (because all of our tech reps were with me the whole day) no one wanted to admit they ate my food.

So i wrote this on my food box.

For those that can’t read it:

IF you eat this the fiery wrath of tech support will know NO BOUNDS and your internet FOREVER CURSED!

it’s wonderful when you have the power over other people’s ability to communicate…

Buddy of mine had a plethora of different nationalities at his old job. They were all cool with each other, but he had everyone write in their native languages “DO NOT TOUCH” on his lunch box. Not that there was ever an issue, but still funny. There was even tagolic written on there.

sorry I’m ignorant (and apparently have horrible grammar :smiley:) what is tagolic? <sorry for the threadjack, but curious>

I may have misspelled it, but it is the native Filipino language. Just watch Return of the Jedi, the Ewoks say a few phrases.

So did anybody mess with it? What I did to cure that crap was to bake some cookies. They were my grandmas receipt (very good), and brought them in to work under the guise that I made to many. The next time I put certain chemicals (some safe, some not so safe) in the mix. got to work and mentioned that I made cookies again, but I only made enough for me so I cant share. sure as can be by first break they were gone. by 9:15 there were two guy’s puking there guts out, and crapping them selves. never had that problem again.

Thus far it has not moved from its location or been touched :slight_smile:

aha…now I know what you’re talking about…ty…