should i buy

i was at o’ rileys today and saw a fuel gauge and a water guage for 34 bucks each and wondering if installation was easy because it has wires :-o and im only 16 and retarded at electrical stuff so where does it plug in anyways (or wrap cause i got ducktape :stuck_out_tongue:)?

thanks :smiley:

(srry for all the nobbish questions i posted :roll:)

1st…using ducttape your going to set your car on fire. Use electrical tape.

2nd… not sure of the wires, maybe some of the other people know what wires to use.

This should be interesting. I have a few gauges that I have NO idea how to hook up.

oh i see :smiley:

may be someone can help us set up gauges :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: ducktape owns joo :lol:jk

Duct tape is the force. It has a light side and a dark side and it binds the galaxy together.

lol, I = geek. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just wondering why you need 2 fuel guages?

no ones a fuel gauge and ones a water temp gauge :sunglasses:

do you know where they plug in? :?

No…I mean, your car came stock with a fuel guage. Why would you need 2?.

im sure he means a water temp guage and a fuel pressure guage

i dunno they look soooo coooool! and when its dark they have a orange display and it will look pimp :mrgreen:

so you know where to hook them up at???

I don’t know exactly. But one of the wires will be to the battery for power, one proabably to the ignition so it doesn’t run all day. Then 2 will be spliced into the wires that carry the signal for how much fuel you have. Then there might be one for a ground.

There may be fewer wires, but it depends on how much the guage draws.

The APC gauges don’t come with instructions. :x Rater upset at that cuz I bought 3, volt, oil temp, and air quality. Then three months pass and NONE of them tell me how to wire em up.

Volt meter should be easy… 3 wires right? + from alternator, -from alternator and a ground. if im wrong please correct me, We wouldnt want to see nova go nova.

I think that would work. There is also an inverter for the backlight. The volt meter is the simplest of them thou.

you think the guy at oh rileys can hook it up for a small fee? :roll:

If you aren’t doing anything special with it, I would go without the guages… That’s just my opinion though. I thought fuel pressure guages needed to be in the engine bay? Maybe not.

But they look spiffy! :stuck_out_tongue:

I would assume the sensor would have to be in the engine bay, but the read out could be in the cockpit as long as it doesnt have pressure line going to it(?).