Anyone have any good suggestions for leather shift boots and knobs? I’m looking for inexpensive, since I don’t have that much money, but any good suggestions welcome. I don’t like the stock rubber - and my boot is cracked anyway - so I figure a leather boot would look seriously good in the car.

I got a pretty slick looking carbon-fibre look shift boot from Autozone or something like that. My carbon-fibre knob is from Murry’s or Autozone too. Both were inexpensive. About $10-15 each. The knob isn’t one of those super cheap ones either where you have to tighten bolts that don’t tighten and let the knob spin 'round. It screws on like factory. What I did with the boot is I kept the very last section of the stock boot and then used a staple gun to staple the new boot to it and then mounted it back on. Works great IMO.

  • Darron

ebay has decent shift boots. Thats were I got mine for like $15. Leather w/ bracket. knobs can be had inexpensively also. like Darron said, try Autozone or Advance Auto or O’reillys or… well you get the point.

If you really want to go for cheap- Wal-Mart has a set for $30 that is the shift knob, leather shift boot and chrome pedal covers… Other than that, I got my shift boot from Advance Auto Parts for $15 and my shift knob from AutoZone for $10.