Shifter problem

I have a 98 zx2 i just got and when you push down on the shifter it drops like through the floor and hits a metal ppeice any idea on whats supposed to hold it up?

its hitting on your heat shield on your exhaust, that would be the metal thing on the bottom.

1: Check the bolt holding it into the shifter linkage under the car, you can see it from where it is above the heat shield.

2: If you take apart your bottom part of the console around the shifter (cupholders and all which will lift out) you will expose the shifter, 2 screws on the e-brake console (1 on each side of the seat) which will slide up and out. 2 screws holding the back of your console in (where your ebrake console just came out), and then 2 tree plugs by your feet on the console on each side by the passenger and the driverside. The console should lift sort of back up and out. Once you have that lifted the shifter is exposed.

3: The shifter exposed you should be able to see a retaining spring, looks like a spring obviously but you’d need plyers to get it out. The shifter should also have to big plastic “bushings” if you want to call them that, those actually hold the shifter in place. One could be cracked, broken, worn out and screwed up or out of place or your retainer spring could be loose.

If you get stuck let me know and I’ll pull apart my console with pics for you tomorrow, hit me up on aim if you need me: “AkaiInabikari”