shift problems

I gota 98 mtx has a sh!t tone of play im gunna put some metal washers in but the worst is third dosent like to stay in it pops out all the other gears are perfect but third

any solutions?

Check the rubber bushing under neath the car for the shifter making sure there not busted and cracked. For it poping out is the de-tents in the tranny are shot. Based on this it wont hold it under power and pops it out. Some people just rest there hands on it and its typically fine.

under speed it pops out i can hold it in with alla the strength i can hold it in but still pops out

im just gunna swap in a new trany sounds like my best bet…

if it’s getting thrown out that is most definitely not a shift linkage issue, krux is correct.

junkyard here i come haha

just changed my cv shaft now the tranny haha god damn

advise for everyone out there when third gear starts to pop out DO NOT shift into it AT ALL! IT WILL BREAK YOUR SHIFT FORK INSIDE THE TRANNY!

New tranny time baby

oh crap man, it broke on ya!?!?!?!

Mine is hard to get into first. But it not like that all of the time. But some times at stop lights it just won’t wanna go in. But if I shift it into 2nd first it will go into 1st. I know the bushing on the shifter to linkage are fine cause I installed a twm little over a year ago… Is there bushings on the other end of the linkage? If so could this be my problem?

You’ve got the actual bushings that hold the end of the shifter to the linkage. Another bushing set which is what holds your shifter in place, and then the linkage itself which ties to the end linkage into your transmission.

The stabilizer bushings are great because they’ll hold that sucker in place nicely. Then the end linkage that goes into the tranny need to not have any play otherwise you’ll have issues with them matching up when going in, and lastly you can have some play if the bushings on the end of the shifter itself are shot. It’s a real easy thing to do to pull them out and look at them.

A very very easy way to check all of your bushings for play is literally to prop up the car, drop some of the heat shield to get to it. Start from point a to point b. Check the thread on the how to for the “end linkage fix” that i posted up, i talk about moving the shifter linkage from side to side. If it’s in gear and you can move it from side to side you have play. There will always be ‘some’ play but you don’t want a lot. So start by playing with the end of the shifter, pull the bushings, see if they are cracked or worn. Pull out the stabilizer bushings to make sure they are solid. Then check the end linkage. The bushings are all really cheap.

In fact, if you want a set of stabilizer bushings, I have an extra set of energy suspension stabilizer bushings you can have.

Well I know that the actual shift rod (twm) to linkage connection is good… So there is a stabalizer bushings then another one at the linkage to tranny point? Have? I’ll take them :wink: since I am 90% sure this is a bushings problem. Well I hope haha

yeah dood it sucks cause i just changed my effen cv shaft now the tranny haha

i was bein a dumbass though racing a 5.0 mustang shifting super hard 1st was ok cherped second then went real hard into 3rd and BAM fricken thing snaped i felt it too it put so much force on it it locked in 4th not 3rd haha

i got it almost all out just gota find a damn tranny

so i drove it home in fourth now im thinking change the clutch too
heres a pic of the clutch and tranny smokin haha

wow nice engine bay fire! You literrally blew up your tranny. that sucks.

Dang man. Looks like you had to slip the clutch all the way home. Ya the clutch is probably glazed over and the fly wheel has hot spots on it hard too. I would get the fly wheel turned, new clutch, and new tranny too or rebuild it if you have the tools.

Holy hell!

im debating if im gunna just go with the fidanza and spec 3 or just the spec 3 i am gunna turbo soon got everything just gota get a tune and im gunna pnp the head bored tb too

im thinkin the old trany is gunna be lsd eventualy [thumbup]

I never did like after market flywheels. Seems like I have heard more problems then success. Yes it helps with drive train loss but at the same time how much is it really worth for that expensive of a gain? Cost and effect I am huge into. Spec makes excellent clutch’s and I run a spec 2 right now.

As far as tranny. I would do a Lsd if it was available. We do have Mfactory making us one. Yet this is taking a little bit more time than most thought. Hopefully it is a good success once done.

thats exactly what im saying way to much for somthing that dosent add enough power

maybe if i trying build the worlds fastest zx2 with a zetec i would do it but not right now haha