Serpintine Belt

Its that time. I have to replace my belt, a lot of little cracks. Last time i got it inspected they said i had to do some stuff. I alread changed the oil and oil filter, rotated the tires, and replaced the front brake pads by myself (im so proud of myself). The question is, how hard is it to remove and replace the belt? My dad is going to help me with this one if its some what hard. Please reply if u have any knoledge or have done this in the past.

If you have the right tools it’s not too hard. I borrowed my bro-in-law (mechanic) to do mine. It’s mostly tedious, and the hardest part is getting the tensioner…I couldn’t use any of my (or my dad’s) tools to get on it. My bro has a serpentine belt tool that kicks @$$! it’s slimline just like you need…the ratchet and socket are the width of just the ratchet my dad has… He also had a cool belt puller thing that helped a lot. If you don’t have those…good luck.

  • Darron

You can buy the serpentine belt tool at NAPA. They sometimes run specials on these tools. I got mine at 40% off regular price. I also use a long pry bar to slide the belt onto the pulleys. Hope this helps.