As some of you know there was interest from a company called SSE &SEAM BMW to build a S/C kit for the zx2. We’ll i talked to them (Bmw ppl) today and they said they had too much time into the project not to finish it. Now it’s still a bit away from a production model but its closer to compleation than any other S/c project for the ZX2>hes going to call me on monday to ansewer any question on the matter than any body has. Ive also got a few ansewers to question that i have/had on the matter so i can ansewer them i will

What type of S/C?

Will there be a complete kit for purchase?

Approximately how much will it cost?

Will there be any body modifications needed?

Will there be any other mods to consider when purchasing this S/C? (stronger axles, stronger transmission)

How much boost?

How much HP and Tq can be had?

Will there be an intercooler as well?

type == twin screw
yes it will be a complete kit
around $2500 for the stage 1 kit
no body mods (as far as i know)
its up to you but w/ the stage 1 kit our tranns should be ok but i’d look into a tranny cooler just to be safe
stage 1 kit should be 12lb the stage 3 is going to be 20lbs of boost
stage 1 approx hp is aropund 210hp
stage 3 kit should push close to 400hp (not shure about stage 2 whatr it is prob 250hp)
its a twin screw kit si heat isn’t a big issue as with roots style S/C
but i think u can get one if you want i think the stage 2 kit will have one built in


pics = they said not till the product is finished
website is ===
contact ==

$2500 is a great price.

It will be a Roots blower, not a Whipple Blower, right?

They are going to test each kit before selling it, correct? On both Manuel and Auto trannies.

its not a roots type blower its called a TWIN SCREW TYPE i think its a version of the whipple but not exactly the same
yes there testing the 1st kit 1000hrs of use to make shure there is not any probs with running the kit in long terms it comes with a warrenty and they stand behind there name.
its going to be good for both trannys and the stage 1 kit will work w/ out any probs w/ our thanny other than the normal shitty ness of them

come on any more questions? keep them coming

complete kit for 2500 that actually bolts up to the Zetec…
any idea of a time frame for production on this?

and how is it a BMW company got involved on this? (not complaining, just curious)

thats what they said $2500 to $3000 for the complete kit. A company called SSE got the ball rolling W/ Seam. The S/C fit up to the motor by some miracle of the car Gods.
Time frame is middle on the summer theres some testing to do yet, to provide durability and driveability issues that help make it a purly bolt on kit without issues.
SEAM BMW are the ones that designed the S/C kit for the BMW so they own the rights on the S/C they even bought a ZX2 to help w/ fitment, belt routing, fuel maping and placemant issues.


ok heres a update on the project ITS GOING TO BE REALLITY. Its the same basic kit as the BMW 318 just some routing and fittment issues to solve nothin major . It’s going to be a complete kit for the ATX AND MTX everthing included in the kit to make it work reliably (of course theres extras ) iI was told of hp numbers but i cant give out that info because the its not finished yet but WOW This is VERY IMPRESSIVEgains over stock. Greg gave me some ansewers to the questions that were asked hit me up on a pm for the ansewers . He’s sorry he hasn’t been able to update the site more often a lot of thing’s have been happening with SSE and SEAM BMW in this Project Supercharger (good things).
Stage 1 kit around 7lb boost
Stage 2 kit around 12lbs boost w/ intercooler
Stage 3 kit around 20lbs boost w/ intercooler and internals included in the package

I also made him very aware of our tranny probs and possible ad on to the kit’s to help sove the prob.

If theres any more question he will be posting in the next few days to give a better update on the project and whats been going on between the two companys

This is good to hear.

What will be the costs for each Stage? (approximately)
Honestly I’m impressed that there are multiple stages

What type of payments will be accepted? Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, Check, Money Order?

How easy would be to go between stages? For example, I might want to start out with Stage 1 and then move to Stage 2. For example: Can I purchase Stage 2 kit from him minus Stage 1 costs? And will the intercooler be swapped in easily? Or would I be better to start off with Stage 2 if I eventually want Stage 3?

The intercooler…is that a water-cooled intercooler?

Will this be CARB legal for those who are required to be?

yes its going to be carb legal 4 the 50 states

the intercooler is water cooled through the radiator it will come with a BMW water pump (electric) 40gmp so its going to push a lot of water

not shure about payment but that can be aranged at any time im sure

im sure u can go from stage 1 to 2 to 3 byt just getting the upgrades but i think the stage 2 kit will be there brread and butter kit alll the accesorys that you want in a S/C like intercooler boost guages and etc. etc.

also there going to make the intake 4wire and the 6 wire capable

Good call by them or if you reminded them about it. Didn’t think of that.
I feel really good about this product so far. Seems they have taken a lot of consideration to have a setup for any escort out there.

I have a few friends with older Escorts doing a Zetec swap and their eyebrows raise when I told them there would be a reliable S/C kit for them. A kit that is actually designed for the car and requires no major modifications.

i kind of let them know about the 4 pin maf they have a 99 in there shop so they werent aware of the chang but said they wil just change the intake tube to work 4 either the 4 or 6 wire maf.

yea i never thought of the ppl doing a zetec swaps into other escorts it should work 4 both i cant se why not they are using the same engine but i wonder if the routing of hoses and intercooler will work if not they might be able to just get the stage 1 kit or reroute the stage 2 kits pluming

I really hope this pans out, I would much rather S/C my car than turbo it. I still owe a good chunk of change on my 01’ and I would hate to have it blow up on me.

Last question:

The test Zx2 being used in the trial, is it an MTX or ATX?

its a mtx but there going to do a nother test vehicle atx right after they get the bugs worked out w/ the mtx so they are testing both set up’s

I might as well go all out if I’m considering doing this, I’ll go stage 3 so people will KNOW not to mess with a supercharged escort. I guess I can move my ZX2urbo project to an ATX ZX2 since it would be faster then MTX.

Having a turbo itsn’t going to increase your chances of blowing up your engine compared to a s/c. Depends on the settings, tune, and how you use it.

I agree. I also like the fact that there is a lot of effort going into this, as I still own money on my 03 zx2, and only a backed mod like this would make me feel comfortable.

This is gonna rock. :sunglasses: