selling a few zx2 parts still for sale

these items are still for sale
blue iceman intake :sunglasses:$60!!!SOLD!!!
4 15"x6.5" rota subzero with 2nankang ex500,2 master craft tires :roll: I think the rims weigh 11 or 12 pounds each ive had them for about 6 years now and they are still in awsome shape as you will see
ngpo sr pcm :stuck_out_tongue:$130 !!!SOLD!!!
if your interesed in the wheels make me an offer :mrgreen:
prices include shipping

how much for the iceman ?

well i paid a little over 200 about 7 years ago so hows 50 bones sound? i can take a picture if you want

throw up a picture of those rims… i might take them off your hands

heres the only picture i have of them on the car.

they are sitting in my shed right now cause of the small snow i got last week

How much to get the iceman shipped to BC v3a1m8?

hows $60 shipped to your home sound?

come on these parts are priced to sell
first person to buy gets free es front motor mount inserts !!new!! as a special bonus gift if they want them :mrgreen: :-o

Cannot access attachments upload path!

this is the message i got trying to post pics
can anyone help me?

at the moment our gallery is not up. I am not sure if that has anything to do with it but if you want I can temporarily host them for you. Send me a PM.

could you post pics of the iceman ??

no i cant ill see if iron mike can host them.

intake and ngpo sold