See saw 2?

I saw someone who saw saw who said see saw 2 because they saw saw and also saw saw 2 and said to see saw 2 because if you saw saw then seeing saw 2 is good as seeing saw. Should I see saw 2?

Say that 10x fast.

But seriously, see it?



I only saw the origional on DVD, and even then it was a waste of time. It was an extremely sad attempt at trying to oust Se7en in a crime drama. Just a failure of a movie that should have never had a sequel.

Save your money and go see Jarhead on Nov 4th

I saw saw and thought “well i see saw, so i’ve saw saw, so if i see saw i should see saw 2.”

Seems good.

it was good. I saw saw 2 last night, and i thought saw was a good movie. excellent acting, good story line, plenty of plot twists. and its the same in saw 2.

However, my expectations were a bit higher, and I was expecting alot of things to happen that happened in the first one. And they did happen, which kinda made it a repeat of the first one. But like saw theres a nice plot twist in saw 2.

I never saw saw, but on friday I saw saw 2. In plain terms, it sucked. I want my $8 back.

Damn English language…I’m so confused!


R U DUMB??? I saw Saw II on Friday and it sucked. Although I never saw Saw so I dont know if it would change my opinion on what I saw. Ok get it now :?: :smiley:

it sucked cause you didnt know what was going on. You need to see the first one!!!

Its a psychological thriller, not a all out horror movie, they make you think about whats going on with all the plot twists.

Although, compared to the first one, the first one was better

WHAT! i loved that movie!

I loved it.