Seat Belt chime from hell.

Ok, my seat belt light and the chime is going off like crazy. I’ve check the cable underneath the seat to see if everything is still pluged in and I think the cable is loose inside the plastic connector. If I remove and splice those two wires togehter will it give the system the proper “ok” signal?

is it doing it while your seat belt is buckled?

Probelm solved, aparently just cutting the wires and leaving them unconnected will keep the chime off.

If someone can verify this let me know… I think maybe you should reconnect the wires and take it to ford to have them figure it out. I think but not 100% sure though but it might interfere with the air bag going off properly. Again though I am not 100% sure if this is the case but better to be safe than sorry. The only reason I say this is it might check for the seatbelt before going off or not going off.

Good idea. I’ll check it out.

It all depends on if it is going off while the seatbelt is connected or not. If it is just chiming while the seatbelt is not buckled, it is supposed to do that. It is a safety feature to let you know that the belt is not buckled, and if you look in your owners manual, theres a way to turn it off. If it is doing it while your seatbelt is buckled, then there is a malfunction in that sensor, and you should take it to Ford before going and happily cutting wires.

Heh. Yea. I already cut them, like WAY before zx2ms posted. I think I’m ok, cuz even if the belt is on, thus the computer thinks its on, wouldn’t the bags still go off if an impact occurs? Not like putting the belt on would STOP it from going off.

BTW, I’m not trying to pass off your cautionary words.

If the vehicle has one of those newer sensors in it- which I’ve been told the 03 has- then if the car registers that your seat belt is on, then the airbag will deploy like normal. If the car thinks you have it off- which it might if you’ve cut some of the sensor wires- the the airbag might come out with less force thinking that you’re on your way to meet it. And some cars now have a “black box” kind of thing in them that police can pull in the case of an accident. If you’ve cut the wires, then you’re car is going to register that you don’t have it on even if you do. The car isn’t going to know if the belt is on if you’ve cut the sensor wires. If you’ve cut the wires that turn on the “put your seatbelt on” light and the chime, then the car is going to think that it’s off.

I tried two modes. I tried splicing the wires together, and the seat belt chime kept going off as if I wasn’t buckled in. When I left them un-spliced the light and chime went off. Either way I’m not riding without my belt, and the bag operation should still work fine, plus if I die in a crash, the cops can SEE my belt is sill on, LMAO.