SCT baby

Ok, finally going with an SCT. Just wanted to clear up some terminology before I go talk to Vit, and apologies to those members I’ve PMed about this if I repeat my questions. The X2 is the actual chip that plugs in to the OBD port and has the selector switch to switch between the tunes I order. The SCT itself is the handheld unit that allows me to create new tunes and (with the aid of a computer) adjust existing tunes. The SCT itself can tag along and data log, then I can later download its info to a computer and see how I did.


OK, where do I start???

  1. SCT is a company.
  2. X2 is the acronym for Xcalibrator2 which is a flash device not a chip
  3. SCT does sell a 4 bank chip that you can switch tunes by turning a switch.
  4. The Xcal2 plugs into your OBD port and allows you to “flash” the PCM. The Xcal2 unit holds 3 tunes plus a stock tune, and you can switch between each by re flashing the PCM.
  5. The Xcal2 has the ability to datalog using a program from SCT called livelink.
  6. If you want the ability to tune your vehicle yourself I’d strongly suggest the “Pro Racer Package” which gives you the advantage program which allows you to make any change you want.

I hope that this helps you out. If you need more information go to the SCT website and go through all the “Ford Products” section and read up on the different abilities.

P.S. If you do want the chip, you’ll have to get something called a “Raptor” datalogger from SCT also.


Wait, I thought the X2 was the chip?

The chip is called the “Ford Single or Multi-Program Eliminator Switch Chip” and it attaches to the back of your car’s PCM

Ah, and thats the one that lets you switch the tunes on the fly? Otherwise I need to connect the flasher each time?

That is correct sir. :wink:

Well, I plan to run only one tune at a time anyways, so the raptor will have to wait. Until then, X2 here I come.

Hey Darth, log into aim

The X2 Rocks!

Just got my Pro Race Package… BAD ASS… know I just need to get my car running

That’s awesome HondaStomper. After you play with it for awhile, can you do a write up of what you think of it? Things you can do with it?

How much was PRP? I read $299 and you need the X2 to use it, correct?

Is it true that 98’ ZX2s can only use a pre-burned chip & not a flash?