scott! where the heck is my 75 bucks for the buddy club front bumper you took?

uh oh! i smell drama… MMMMmmmmMMM :smiley:

Easy killer. Take it to PM :wink: I know how it goes though. Lets just keep on topic :wink: Thanks

hey man, you know i’ve been around on the major zx2 sites for about 7 years now, and i’m not known for starting shit or hijacking threads…but i wouldn’t have said anything if this guy would respond to the PM’s i sent him on zx2-riders,, and teamzx2. sorry, i’m just a little peeved, you would be too if you were out on a boat between haiti and cuba half the year, missing your son grow up and your wife has a life threatening medical condition and keeps threatening to leave me and go back to alaska because we can’t afford to live here…since the coast guard pays very little for an e-4 and every dime makes a difference…it’s been 8 months, still no repayment.

ok, now on with the thread.

Scott if you read this pm him ASAP. You guys seems to have a problem and zxtwou2 feels hes been screwed. Seriosuly dude alot of people on all sites have been bitching about you. You need to take care of this whole situation NOW! I am tired of hearing about it. I don’t really care what kind of situation you are in right now but you need to fix this. Say what you want but everyone is in the same boat. WE ALL HAVE SHITTY lifes from time to time but guess what? Suck it up. Its not an excuse to use hard times as a reason to cheat people out of money. I wanted to stay out of it but I can’t anymore. Now fix the situation. All I can say is you OWE me on this one Scott for all the shit I have done for you.

Now for everyone else. I did the bitchin so lets try to keep this somewhat on topic and devoid of any serious flaming.

Now if you have a complaint please state it here. DO NOT POST ANY OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORAMTION :wink: Just a basic description of the problem.

Alright now tune away :wink:

Thread read & PM sent

Thank you.

good job chris remind me not to pee in your cherios

I hear that pee in cheerios is bad.

just adds flavor

Now that is just disgusting!! But just a tad funny at the same time :lol:


never tried it.

um eww?? :?

Gawd I love this site.

Ditto!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Pip, you always know how to finsh a thread in style!