Scored a Spec stage 1 clutch on Ebay

I’M SO HAPPY AT THIS MOMENT :smiley: I just won a SPEC stage 1 clutch on ebay for $35 :-o. Jayco sells these for $250- new. This ones used @ 1k-2k mi. but so what. He had bad crank bearings, and Ford said he needed a clutch. So, he bought this & problem remaind, so he pulled it back out (S/R stock Centerforce- re-installed) His loss= my gain! Dude, if you’re on here, I’m gonna buy you a beer if we hook up for those other parts! Yes, y’all I’m gloating. Please keep applause to a low roar. lol

All I have to say is…DAMN! I wish it were me. lol Good find my friend.

  • Darron

Very nice, drop that baby in!

I just found out it was a member, here, that sold it.