So I was watching my local news and one part of the broadcast is done by this guy Kevin O’Niel, the “Why Guy.” Well there are some pretty sweet scooters out there that get 100MPG. The gas mileage is what I’m looking for, not speed or acceleration. This vehicle would only be for going to and from work and other little errands. These scooters also fall in to a category in which I wouldn’t need to get a motorcycle license. I also figure I would never go to far from home with driving a scooter or motorcycle so that weather wouldn’t be an issue.

Erie County Scooters

Please put your 2 cents in, because I’m really interested in getting better gas mileage than the 30/42 in the Zx2.

very interesting. what class bike doesnt need a motorcycle licence?
and ive heard theres a class (cc size) that doesnt need a drivers licence either im going to have to look into it

sounds enteresting. Not bad looking either.

As long as you don’t turn it into a joy-riding thing, I’m all for it!