School Bus Crash

At least 4 dead, and 30+ injured… A school bus from Lee High School, traveling on I-565 flips over an over pass, when the driver(of the school bus) over reacted to another motorist who cut him off… R.I.P. :cry:

one comment i haerd is absolutly true. There is no seat belts on school busses. Granted the size of a bus can take a major hit with out much damage. This is a example of what could and has happpened.

my pryers go to the parents and the children I couldn’t imagine getting that phone call.

:-o May they rest in peace :cry:

in NY, most school buses have seat belts. Passengers are not required to wear them however.

Our prayers as well. RIP.

Police now are confirming only two deaths… My good friend used to drive for that bus company (Laidlaw), he was able to get hired even with his sleep apnea, and no experience…