S&H guages installed.

OK guy’s like the topic says. I just got the Guages last night and did the install straight way. The install was very easy. preety straight forward. The fitment was 100% spot on and it is made from OEM matterial. heres a quick pic. I will post a how to soon.

The install on our cars was a lot easier than on the wifes Focus due to the fact that we have a mechanical cluster where as the wife has a eletronic cluster.



Looks good dude :wink:

Was there any issue in keeping the black cover for the idiot lights?

looking sweet! I cant wait to see it tomorrow!

thats the way it came. The idiot lights area was already black.

Will there be a night time shot?

heres some pics at night




The devils cockpit. :evil:

Looks awsome dude!

Those look very nice installed :smiley:


Very sweet dude:)


Tyler after seeing them 1st hand i have to say #1 Most Excellent Job! The gauges look fantastic in Mike’s Devil Cockpit.

Thank you Sir!


aww look its a 120mph gauge face lol just teasing they look good…

I like those a lot better than the wana-be S/R guage template they have…

You should drill some holes in the guage surround, and put LEDs in there. That’s what I did, and it’s pretty cool. It really lights up the guage.

Hey! what happened with the pics?