Roush Fusion ZX2

Heres the Official thread for the Fusion ZX2. I get a lot of request for Pics and Info. about the Fusion. Hopfully this will help anyone trying to recreate the Fusion or to those who Just like me like to dream that someone will make the parts to bring it to life.

This is Ford’s official press release for the Fusion;
ZX2 Fusion

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Fusion is an atomic reaction. In more technical terms, fusion is the joining of light atomic nuclei to form a heavier element. The process generates huge quantities of energy – which pretty much sums up what Ford and Roush Racing have done with their latest compact concept car â€â€

What do you think jayco? Can you help build more import killers? We’re ready to help!

Wow… it’s too bad that car companies do garbage like “no, can’t release that to public… it beats our ‘better’ car.” It’s like how Porsche is underpowering the Cayman because if it had one of the “good engines” it would rip the 911 Turbo to pieces. Or like how Honda/Acura holds the Accord back so it doesn’t beat the CL/TL. Business just gets in the way of the enthusiast sometimes… no… a lot of times.

I want that wing…shit i want the whole car.


That would have been such an awesome car to drive. It might not have been super beefy as far as power goes, but the other mods they did were super.

New windage tray? Yes please.

The links for the pics are dead

darn i didnt even get to see the pics :cry:


I kind of wonder how that might have rewritten the sport compact map had it been released. Everybody talks about cars with potential like the SRT-4’s, Civic Si’s, Golf Gti’s, you get the idea. This concept was way ahead of its time. Just imagine, a car of that magnitude taking on all comers. It would have even put the SVT Focus to shame.