Round 2 Photos!

Check em out guys :wink:

Let me know what you think.

HMMM…Stock stang with a vanilla air freshener , thats about it…very boring… I hate retro looking cars,… :smiley:

It looks great Chris! Even the Air Freshner! lol!

Thanks guys… not really trying to show off the car just working on my photography skillz. I will be taking the Z out this weekend for some shots too :wink:

Those are great shots! I like how the background helps the Stnag to stick out but you still notice both. I had a feeling it was a photography thing.

Pictures: 4, 11, 13 are my favorites.

Need any help with mods lemme know. Me an a group of friends have quite a stable of 05 ATX, 05 MTX, 06 GT MTX, 99 Cobra, 91 5.0 .

So yea if ya have and questions lemme know. lol

Looks very nice also.