Looking for 15-17’ rims and tires, either or both. Pref. After market.

Look on Ebay for 16X7" 4X100 ROTA lightweight Slipstream wheels

Then go to TireRack and buy the BF Goodrich g-Force Sport tires

  • 205/45ZR16
    – they have a special going on right now

If you miss out on the special for those buy the Kumho ECSTA SPT

  • 205/45WR16

You could always go with the Yokohama Parade Spec 2

  • 205/45VR16
    – they perfrom better in dry traction take-off, stopping and turning but the tread life sucks

What state are you in? If you are in NJ, PA, or MD, I have a friend that works at a shop and they hardly raise the price for rims/tires.

Im in Indiana.

Are you over on TeamZX2. The guy I was going to reccomend started a topic yesterday selling stuff…


A good amount of his cheaper rims are on there…

can he get me a good deal on some 33"s?

can he get me a good deal on some 33"s?
Yea, they have 33s there…


Give them a call and ask for Tyler, Tell him Josh sent ya. If hes not there, it doesnt matter, the other guys are cool also.