Rims for mustangs..........

Can you fit 20inch rims on a 2005 Mustang? May sound dumb but I wanna know. Also what bolt pattern are the new mustangs and what the offset you need.

I tried to read up on it, 05 should be a 5 lug, been that way for a while, if they went 4 they’d be stupid. Read somewhere that a bullitt rim 2001 - 04 is +30mm offset 8" wide and the 05 is between 42mm-45mm 8" wide (found this on a forum for you) so verbatim:

“So if you mount a 2001-04 bullitt rim on a 2005 it probably will stick out up to 0.6” towards the outside of the car."

But 20" rims?

Awfully big, depending on what you’re doing with the car as far as daily driving or racing, larger rims and super low profile tires suck on road noise and feel (if you did your suspension already a lot stiffer it won’t matter at this point anyway) but what kind of rims are you putting on it? Hell even a Lamborghini Murcielago is running on 18" wheels, 20" is huge for a Mustang, but to each his own :slight_smile: That’s the beauty of cars.

Yes you can. I work at a ford dealership and there are 20s on the '05 Mustang that is sitting right in front of me in the show room at this very moment. Looks pretty sweet in my opinion.


Hm, guess I’d have to see it. Pics are always nice :slight_smile:

Are those 20’s? Wow…cool. I’ll try to remember my camera next time I drop tigress (my fiance :slight_smile: ) off at work, or pick 'er up or take 'er lunch…basically I’ll try to get something posted for you to see. :slight_smile:

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I got the pics and uploaded 'em to a gallery. But rather than put them into this thread directly (for fear of unexpect 56k failure) I put them in a new thread in the Photo Album gallery and here’s the link…
“Dubbed” Mustang

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Chris, you got a 05?

no… not yet but I will be getting one soon :stuck_out_tongue: Possibly with SHELBY across the back :stuck_out_tongue: