rim shopping

whats a good website to go rim shopping

Any suggestions on what kinda rims to get ( not anything shiney :smiley:)

thanks, on yea size 15 perferably.

http://www.wheelmax.com http://www.tirerack.com

Look under nicks thread!


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lol I actually found mine on e-bay! lol. I would say look in car mags too(i.e. Sport Compact Car, Motor Trend, etc). You can find the ones you want, then just search for the best deal on 'em. That’s how Miranda found the rims she wants to get for her Z…I think that’s how I found mine initially too… It’s been a while.

  • Darron
http://www.victoriatire.com  Do yourself a favor and get 16's with tires ......either Rota or Alt racing , you loose about 8lbs -12lbs per wheel for for under a thousand.

k thanks guys :smiley: