Richard Craniums *probably NSW

So i used to bowl on this team on wednesday night mens league. Our team name was Richard Craniums… (dick heads!!! lol!!!) Were so smart, and laughed our asses off everytime we saw our name in the sports section of our local paper.


I started bowling again this year, last night was the first night. And wouldnt you know it, I spear headed the plan to bring the Richard Craniums back… of course some of the players are different now. lol.

Well we are doing something that we havent really done before, we are going to get T-shirts (probably through something like Cafe press), with our logo on it that I am currently working on.

Our logo is gonig to be basically photos of the team members( individual for each t-shirt) with the top portoin of their heads removed and a skull (cranium) is going to be photoshopped behind the other portion of the team member. Behind and around that main photo Im going to have various words that sound funny in front of the word Richard… such as…

Big Richard ------> Big dick
Small Richard ------> Small dick
Anita Richard ------> I need a… well you get the idea! lol

so in the interest of having a little bit of fun, and running up post counts, I thought it would be cool to involve my second family here. I want you guys to run amok, and try to think of as many "funny’ yet tasteful words that would go in front of Richard. I have to get a list started so I know what words to put into the background of the logos.

Put it this way, We all laughed non-stop last night at the names that we kept coming up with to put infront of Richard… however, no one was smart enough to write them down lol!!!

After I get a photochop done, ill post and let everyone see how its coming out!!!