Review of the Royal Oil Fiter

Video post time! Not to be confused with Royal Purple Oil.

Well, shot video.

It looks like that “O” ring would work nicely if it were to work like I’m thinking in my own mind.

Test this theory. Put the outer casing on over the oil filter on without pushing the filter into place. Does back part of the cap press against the top of the oil filter? If you screw it on, will it put pressure on the filter against the base? If it does, I don’t really se an issue. Because there is that ruber “O” ring on the outer part which does quite well at hold the oil in.

As for opening it, hmm, I get messy as it is with the one peice filter. Now you get to have a full cup of it all over you. Nice. But if it is reuse able, it might be worth it.

Nice Video!

now… my concern is with that said “O” ring. Is it a standard Rubber “O” ring? From my experience playing paintball (yes i know different sport…), “O” rings while cheap to replace were a constant PIA. Some of the reasons, especially for the CO2 users were the impurities and oils in the CO2 eat up the “O” rings. How is hot motor oil going to affect that “O” ring?

Also if the “O” ring is the only thing that holds the actual filter in place, your going to be screwed if that “O” ring does break, especially while going down the road.

Out of curiosity, where did you get that filter? It looks like a great concept for an oil filter, minus the “O” ring of course.

I think your voice reminds me of Tom Cruise. And I agree with the concerns of changing the filter or opening it or whatever…

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The sale came from here:

And if you notice, there is a bit of drama already rolling on it.

I got this:

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was the topic deleted do to Team Drama?

Holy crap. I think so.