Removing Shift "Notchiness"?

My shifter feel is notchy compared to my friend’s car. Is there any way I can make it silky smooth like those funky video game shifters? Or maybe just not so notchy? I was thinking of pouring some vegetable oil down my shifter stick’s little grease pit, but figured I’d ask around before I did something retarded.

:-D vegetable oil. the shifter stick is not where you are getting that notchy feeling from its the trans. if you want to help the tran put synthetic atf in it just make sure it dextron mercone III aproved the new trans dont take gear oil. that should make it feel less notchy. however I belive out trans just or more notchy then others. the syncros are what is making it feel notchy. where you from if you live near a summit racing or anywhere that sells royal purple that is a great brand. $10 a quart and the trans takes 3.5qt